Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Woohoo! Another course done!

Well, yesterday I handed in my take-home exam for my Health Psychology class which means I have another course under my belt! Yeah!! I now officially have only two half-credits and my dissertation left until I will finally have my PhD!! And I have to say, after being in university for (gulp!) 10 years now, I can't wait to be finished. I dream of what it will be like to come home from work and not have to read articles, write papers or study. Despite all this craziness, I know it will pay off in the long run.

Things at work are pretty tense for everyone right now. Our organization is in the process of making some major changes which we know involves big closures and cutbacks. We just don't know who will be affected yet. In fact, our new executive director told us today that we will know by the end of this month exactly who will be cut and when. She even asked those of us who will be off on holidays the last week of December (that includes me) to leave a phone number where we will be because she expects to be contacting people on Dec. 28 or 29. Man, I would just rather know now than have to wait it out through x-mas, but I guess the final decisions just haven't been made yet. Talk about sitting on the edge of your seat. Part of me is nervous because of the financial implications for my family, but part of me thinks that if it happens, it's because it's supposed to. I guess I'm a believer in fate to some degree.....

On a happier note, we took some family pictures this weekend to send out in our Christmas cards, so I'm going to try to post them. I've never posted pics yet on blogger so I apologize if they are kinda wonky looking!

Here's the family: Me and my hubby and Kyle and Emily

And here are Emily and Kyle hamming it up for the camera:


At 6:05 AM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Great pics Julie. No worries about them. You did a good job.

I'll mail you though, as I don't want to clog up your comments section.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

Hey Julie, those are really good pics, I love the one of Kyle and Emily! I hope we all get copies :D I'm enjoying reading your blogging. See you soon!


At 7:30 AM, Blogger Teresa Miranda said...

What a beautiful family! Look at those little angels right! LOL. I just love it when someone says that about my kiddo. LOL I mean he is an angel 1/2 of the time and part devil the other 1/2 of the time.

They are cuties!!! Merry Christmas dear friend!!!



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