Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tension is a Brewin'

As you might remember, back in December, the agency I work at had a round of layoffs which luckily I wasn't affected by. For the people who were cut, they were given 3 months working notice so that they would officially leave by March 31. Well, March 31 is a comin' and things couldn't be more tense around work. Quite frankly, those who are leaving disengaged themselves from things quite awhile back, but you can definitely see the stress on their faces as they try to wrap everything up and it has caused a lot of confusion for staff in terms of who to report to about important issues and stuff like that. What really pissed me off the other day had to do with one of my coworkers who had some reports she had due from the Fall that I was supposed to sign off on and include my clinical impressions of the kids. She had told me back in December that she was definitely going to finish all of that. Well, I asked her this past Wednesday whether she had some of them for me so I could finish them up and she told me flat out that she's not going to do them. Well, these reports have to get done one way or the other because we have a ministry inspection coming up for that program in May. That probably meant that the reports would fall on my shoulders. Grrrrr!!!! I thought to myself that there was no way in hell I was going to take on someone else's reports when I'm already behind on my own so I spoke to the executive director about the situation and made it clear that I would not have time to do these reports before the May inspection. Luckily, she completely understood and said she would speak to my coworker about it. So, I may have made a new enemy this week. In the past, I would have shut up about something like that and then been really pissed as I rushed like a fool to do the reports. Not this time, though. Had to take a stand.

Awesome workouts this week. I didn't get the morning runs in because that beautiful weather we had on Saturday did not last. It's actually been quite chilly this past week. Still planning to do them when the weather gets better though. So, my runs were HIIT treadmill runs. I do my weights first and then finish up with a 20 min. run. For all three of my runs this week, I burnt somewhere between 303 and 311 calories-in 20 minutes, remember! My body starts screaming at me to stop at around the 12 minute mark, but I keep telling myself to hold on and then I get to that 20 before I know it. Tomorrow should be fun because my friend from work is coming to the gym with me. I got a free guest pass in the mail since I am a member so I thought it would be fun to bring a training partner. She told me she hasn't done weights in awhile, so I'll take her through my routine and make her work EXTRA hard, right Mariette?! Heh, heh, heh!


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Good for you Julie. Nobody has the right to do that to you just because they had a tough break.

That's their problem, and you're not to blame, so GOOD FOR YOU, you should be proud.

You've clearly gained more mental strength and confidence from your workout successes.

AS for the workouts themselves, I cna just tell you're so going to be in your element, kicking your friends butt.

Oooh, you'd probably look really evil with a side parting, a little Moustache under your nose, Mine Fuhrer ha ha ha.

At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Mariette Chretien said...

Hi Julie, Well let me tell ya, she got some power for a small women. You sure showed me today Miss Bam Bam. You've got what it takes to make Julie and don't ever let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. You've for sure kicked my butt. It's when I saw you with does 30lbs weights which looked way too big for you and you just made it seemed so easy..

I glad I've went with you and I will be glad to go again.

See you Wednesday


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