Saturday, February 25, 2006

Last Week at a Glance

Geez! This is the first time this week I've actually had a chance to sit down and update here. I also haven't had the chance to respond to many of your blogs, but will do so shortly.

I'm proud to say I did some major ass kicking at the gym this week. I went five days straight from Sunday to Thursday. Let's see... Sunday was upper body and a 20-min. treadmill run. Monday was legs, back, and abs and a 20-min. run. Then Tuesday, I did a 45-min. spinning class. I went in not knowing which class it was since I was running late. I thought for sure it would be interval or strength since it was endurance last week, but it was endurance again (remember, that's my least favourite class, but it's a good one 'cause it forces me to be very disciplined!). I thought about leaving after that class, but I just couldn't resist getting an upper body workout done first so I did. Wednesday, I just did some elliptical work. I had planned to do a full legs workout as well, but work was so busy I just simply did not have time. I was glad just to get 30 min. of cardio in. Then, Thursday, I did upper body and 20 min. on the treadmill. And (drumroll please...) I was able to do two sets of pullups with only 35lbs of assistance!!! OK, I could only do 6 reps in both sets, but I was still super happy. To think, that last year at this time I was using 80-90lbs of assistance! I've come a long way, baby!!

Eating was so-so. I definitely crave those goodies and for the most part I am able to fight it off. I just wish I could find some way to make it a bit easier. I mean, I'm not doing that badly if a bag of Hershey mint kisses I bought at the beginning of January is still sitting in my drawer at least half full. I have one here and there and I'm usually good at keeping it to just one. Not that long ago, that bag would have been gone in less than one week for sure! I've just found the clean eating part tough this week and I get frustrated with myself because most things in my life have come pretty easy to me, but this constantly tests my willpower. I won't let this beat me, though. It's just annoying as hell!

Now, on the "proud parent" front, I was volunteering in Kyle's class yesterday and the teacher says to me (in French since he goes to a French school), "Kyle can read". I smiled and said yes, because he's been able to read in English for probably about two years now and more recently, I've noticed him reading in French. The teacher seemed surprised that I already knew and she asked how long he has been reading, so I told her. She mentioned to me that the other day, she had noticed him reading his clues that he had brought in for the "Qui suis-je?" game (French for "Who am I?"). I guess most of the kids in his class need help with this because she said it surprised her that he was reading the clues. So, she took out a French book and asked him to start reading to her. She was so surprised that she took him to the principal and the grade 1 teacher and asked him to read to them. Apparently, that grade 1 teacher has been teaching for 20 years and Kyle is only the second student that she has seen been able to read like that in 4-year old kindergarten! So, the teacher and principal were talking to me about setting him up with some enrichment classes or something like that next year to make sure he does not get bored. We have a meeting at the school in a couple of weeks to discuss different options. OK, I know I did a little bragging here, but I'm just so proud! Besides, it's my blog, so I guess I'm entitled to brag a little, right?!


At 5:35 AM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Julie, that's fantastic news about the weight lifting misses. You are doing so fantastically well, so keep it up.

As for the food thing, the best thing to probably do is just pitch the bad stuff out. It's hard, but you won't be able to eat it if it isn't there.

Another thing to do that might help, is workout how much approximately you spend on good stuff, like Chicken, Cereal, Fruit etc etc, then only take about enough money to buy it.

Pay cash don't use cards, or you'll have an easy way to buy junk.

If someone for example buys $46 of food, and has a $50 note they can't buy junk very easily, or they will overspend, so what do they do, keep the tub of Ice Cream, and the Pizza, and put the bag of Carrots, and Fillet Steak back? No way.

This method might help you keep control of your food spending, os you don't buy food you don't really want anyway.

Though don't take exactly to the cent, what you spent last time, because as you know, sometimes things are 20% off, and next time they're not, so you don't want to find you've not got enough to say get a box of Cereal, and a Chicken Breast, or you'll have to go to the bank, or back home for more money.

Just as long as you don't have a nice surplus of money to buy junk with.

You could also keep whatever you don't spend like say $1.48, or $2.36 for example, and keep it in a jar, like say a reward jar, so eventually you save enough money to treat the kids, or buy a new pair of pants. You might be surprised what you could do with about 3 months worth of saved junk food money.

Hopefully that all helps, and as for Kyles ability, you are doing everything right Julie.

You are an absolutely fantastic parent, yes you should talk it up. It's not like you're one of those people who tells others how their kids could be as amazing as yours, you're just telling people how proud you are of them.

You deserve to. Your parenting skills are wonderful, your kids are awesome, and you should feel proud of yourself.

You're just one of those people I could wish the earth for, because you're exactly how the human race should be.

Big hearted, dedicated to life, and making good that one chance in this world, and YOU SHOULD BE PROUD.

I'm always proud for you, and I know how much you deserve all these great things happening, so keep it up, keep doing everything you are doing keep smiling, and thanks again, for all your support.

Your words, and everything you achieve, have an impact on me, and it's really, really appreciated. THANKS.

You really do make a difference Julie, to anybodys life, especially your families lives :-) :-).



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