Saturday, January 14, 2006

Workout Rut

Today is Saturday and I have not done one good workout yet this week. Sure I've done a little walking here and there, but nothing that really counts. And my eating has been so-so. I usually start off the day right with either egg whites and oatmeal or a protein smoothie, but as the day goes on, I end up having a little sweet snack here and one there and as we all know, it adds up. I could go on about how busy of a week it was, etc., etc., but as Teresa recently wrote on her blog, when you look at the struggles Julie Whitt went through before she passed away and how no matter what, she found time and didn't let anything get in her way, I really don't have a good excuse. So, even though the week has been a write-off so far, today (NOT tomorrow) is the day I will pull up my socks and begin again. I will get to the gym today and do a "redemption workout" (which when translated means WORK DAMN HARD!). And on Monday, I will renew my membership at the gym beside work and start back there on my lunch hours. I held off on this before since I didn't know if I would still have a job. No excuses now though! I will also get back on track with eating well for the whole day, not just breakfast.

Plus, I found out that Oxygen is having a contest for its readers where someone will get to be on the cover next year!!! Apparently, the winner will be someone who has most improved their physique and health over a one year period. I have to pick up the special Nutrition issue that is out this month to read more of the details. I know it's a long shot, but winning that contest would be so awesome! Talk about motivation to bust my butt!

I've been thinking lately about why it is that we make these goals for ourselves but often end up hitting a rut. Back in my undergrad days, I studied with a professor who taught about procrastination. One of the things I learned is that people often procrastinate due to fear of failure. And when I think about it, it makes sense because I sometimes catch myself thinking that I will never get in the shape that I dream of being in. So, maybe when I get into a rut, I'm putting off doing what I know I should do because of the underlying fear that I can't do it! Sounds completely silly I'm sure, but there's lots of research that suggests that this is true for why people procrastinate on many things. Check out this funny little clip I found which gets at what I am talking about:

I think being more mindful of this fear of failure thing will help me to re-focus and get back on track. Because I CAN do it and the time to start is now, not tomorrow!


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Julie you go for it misses.

You could possibly win. YOU DO have what it takes, YOU DO have the will to succeed, YOU ARE an achiever, and YOU DO have the support from many people, to go forward and do your thing.

You will always be able to count on me, if you need someone to tell you straight, when you feel you're losing your way slightly, like you say you have.

You will be able to ask for any help with your training and diet, and some second opinions / ideas to bounce around.

You keep doing what you're doing Julie. You are doing FANTASTICALLY well, and my belief in you is 100%, total, solid belief.

So you pick yourself up, you keep going, and know you could be on the front of that magazine for sure.

I almost never ever put my belief in people who can't achieve, and you're not going to be one of those rare few, I get a mistaken view of.

YOU CAN DO THIS Julie, so don't worry about a thing, and know that sometimes being an excellent parent has to come first, like any Mother from Human to Bird, the youngsters have to come first, even if it means depriving yourself a little bit of what you want or need.

You should never feel in any way bad, for having a week like you have had. YOU CAN get this back on track, and you can look as fabulous as you think you can, and I know you can.

I would just be over the moon, to see you one day doing photo shoots, in sportswear, or bikinis, that sort of thing, like other fitness people do.

You deserve to still be very proud of yourself, so don't put yourserlf down at all, and keep kicking ass.

You are an absolutely awesome person Julie, and you can do this, so take on the Oxygen challenge, keep believing, keep smiling, and keep doing your do okay :-).

The support is here for you, to help you succeed, and even if you come way down the list of finalists, you will still be a winner, so you will never have to feel down about taking part.

You can't lose on this :-).

GOOD LUCK, I'll be routing for you as always.

YOU ARE doing extremely well Julie. KEEP IT UP. I'm very proud of you, and you make me smile inside so much.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger PartTimeMom said...

awsome job and a great idea - starting off right - TODAY and not tomorrow.

You CAN do this. It's a matter of making choices and how much better do we feel about ourselves when we make the choices that are right for US and that move us toward our goals.

Hmm that Oxygen contest is cool. I had seen it but did not read it - I automatically assumed I wouldn't 'qualify'

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Thanks for your support Matt and Shawn!

You are definitely eligible to enter, Shawn! And if you're interested, I say go for it!


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