Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Numbers are in..... and they ain't pretty!

Yesterday, I had my free session with the personal trainer at the gym. I've been wanting to get my measurements done for awhile and I need them for the Oxygen contest so that I can assess my progress. Well, lets just say, I've got some work to do. At 30% body fat I am officially what they consider "skinny fat" in the fitness world. That's a hard number for me to write, but posting it will help keep my accountable to the changes I'm trying to make.

For those of you who know me personally and are thinking "What are you talking about Julie, you're not fat!", the normal range for women is between 22-27%. So, while I may only weigh 130lbs (which by the way, is about 5lbs less than last month!) too much of that weight is fat and not enough is lean muscle. Just thought I'd clear that up so no one thinks I'm nuts here.

The rest of the measurements were as follows:

Arm: 11"
Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 38"
Thigh: 22.5" (ugh, my absolute worst part in my opinion!)
Calf: 13.75"

The trainer also did a physical fitness test, so I had to run/walk as far as I could in 12 minutes. I ran 1.8K which she said was good, but she also said I probably would have gone farther if she hadn't talked to me so much during the run! I surprised myself by doing 7 real (not on the knee) pushups AND I was able to do 11 assisted pull-ups with only 45lbs of assistance!! I was using 55 or 60lbs before and the trainer said there was no way I needed that much assistance, especially in light of the fact that one of my goals is to do at least one unassisted pull-up one day. It's funny though, because I could have sworn that the 55lbs felt hard the last time I tried it, yet with the trainer I could do the 45lbs. I really underestimated myself.

Some of the other tests I did were crunches (23 in 30 seconds), planks (I lasted 1 min. 18 sec.), a wall sit (I lasted 1 min. 16 sec.) and tests for balance and flexibility which she said were both good. I was really pumped after all this because now I have a baseline of my abilities that I can use to compare for the future. Even though I know I can do it without a trainer, I wish I could afford one because that extra push would be awesome. With my 30th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, maybe I'll ask for certificates I could use towards hiring a trainer. That would be the perfect gift!

I was really on track with my eating yesterday too and I could swear I feel different even after only one day (now you know I'm nuts, right?!). Needless to say, I'm really motivated right now, and I hope I can keep that energy up.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Brandi said...

Girl, after just one day of super eating, I think you can feel better! I know I do! :) Glad your physical assessment went well and you've got your mind set on your goals! Keep it up!!

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Teresa Miranda said...

WOW! Seeeee you are gonna be able to do that pull up! It's all mental! And about the BF% forget it it will look great with all the hard work you are about to put into this contest! Remember it will be the last time you see 30% ok. Yes it is a motivational tool! Damn straight it is. You are gonna do wonderful! I KNOW IT! ;-)


At 3:50 PM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Julie, you can do anything you want with your body.

It won't be long before you have a beautiful, sculpted "mirror" body, to love 100% every day.

I'm proud of your efforts, and you should be too. You and Teresa will kick ass in the Oxygen contest.

GOOD LUCK, and keep working those little miracles Julie, you're looking supremo good on them :-).


At 9:00 PM, Blogger PartTimeMom said...

awsome that you've got a starting point - you know what you have to work with now. I look forward to seeing where you go from here!


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